Getting Motivated to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

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So many people make it their New Year’s resolution to get in shape and start out with a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the beginning only to fall back into their old ways and give up. Fad diets, detox teas and shakes are advertised everywhere you look, or some magic diet pill that promises you a new body in 2 weeks!  I’m sorry to burst your bubble but none of these will work in the long term.  Achieving that desired physique will only come with a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

The first thing you need to do is to concentrate on what your fitness goals are.  Are you skinny and wanting to bulk up or are you overweight and wanting to lose fat as well as build muscle mass at the same time?  Maybe you just want to get lean or you want to run your first 5 km. Whatever your goal is, once you know specifically what you want to accomplish you can then follow a workout and nutrition plan specifically tailored to you to achieve your goal.  Once these are in place you can follow them on a long term basis and it makes life a lot easier.  Personally I find setting my own little goals with each workout a great way to motivate me to do better each time.  For example knocking a few seconds off my previous run or lifting a heavier weight or even just getting that extra rep in.

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Measuring your progress is also so important. Two things you should do is ditch the scales and take selfies.  Not the pouted version but taking pictures of your body from all sides!  Yes its okay to weigh yourself from time to time but please do not get obsessed with numbers on a scale. There are so many reasons why you could be up a pound or two one day and down 3 the next!   Progress is not always noticeable especially when it is gradual so you might get demotivated more easily than if you were tracking your progress. If your taking pictures regularly you will start to see changes in your body.   A measuring tape is a MUST.  Know how to take your measurements: waist, chest, arms etc , any gym instructor or personal trainer will help you with this and track these numbers as you go along.  You will be surprised at how much progress you are making that you might not have noticed in the mirror or on the scales.

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It’s really up to you, if you really want to achieve a particular fitness or life goal you will be successful.  Being fit and healthy is a choice only you can make and self motivation is the most important factor determining success in all aspects of life.  Yes we all have bad days, but the important thing is to forget about it and start fresh the next day.  There will be days where you don’t want to train and yes I have had to drag myself around to gym on many occasions but once your there you will feel so much better when your done.  Always turn the negative thoughts into positive ones, if you have that bar of chocolate or that pizza, just move on and get back on track with the next meal.

If you want to achieve you will!

Jen xx

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