Pizza, Prep Friendly!

Woke up today to #NationalPizzaDay and my news feed on all social media is pictures of pizza!! What’s a girl to do when she is on comp prep and wants to eat pizza! Well I got my thinking cap on and I came up with this creation.  Yes I know it’s not carb loaded like a real pizza lol but it’s amazing how you can trick your mind into thinking your having a pizza!!  I used my usual egg whites for the base, my pizza sauce was some of my guacamole recipe here, and my toppings were spinach, peppers, feta cheese and chicken seasoned with The Gym Chef smoke’n’spice. I get my seasonings from here, these seasonings are life when on prep!! All the usual ingredients for a bodybuilder’s diet, egg whites, chicken, greens and those all important good fats!!


120 g Egg Whites ( I use the o’egg brand here )

1 medium Chicken Breast (roughly around 125 g)

3 tbsp of my Guacamole (recipe here)

20 g Feta Cheese

1 Cup of Spinach

1/2 a Pepper

Fresh chilli (optional)

1/2 tsp olive oil or coconut oil.

Seasonings, ground black pepper, smoked paprika, chilli flakes and the smoke’n’spice from The Gym Chef.  You could use any seasoning for the chicken, like cajun & smoked paprika!


Season the chicken and fry off in some of the oil in a medium sized pan.

In a bowl whisk up the egg whites with some black pepper, smoked paprika and chilli flakes.

Remove chicken when cooked, using the same pan, sauté the peppers and chilli if using, remove from pan,  reduce heat and add the rest of the oil along with the egg whites. They will cook quite quickly as the pan is already hot.

Now time to build your pizza! Chop up the chicken, spread the guacamole over the egg white base and add your toppings!

Nutritional Information 

The full pizza is equal to 315 calories, a whopping 47 g of Protein, Fat 11 g and Carbs 10 g.

As always don’t forget to tag me if you try it out.  You will find me on Facebook here, Instagram here or Tweet me here or you can add me on Snapchat @jenser01 .

Enjoy and remember to keep sharing the love!

Jen xxx




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