Breakfast Muffins


These egg muffins are so yummy.  I am always trying out different ideas in order to get those egg whites in to me for breakfast!  These are so versatile, and you can add what ever ingredients you like, bacon pieces, peppers, mushrooms , use your imagination!  I used left over roast chicken, chorizo, feta and spinach in mine. These will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days in an airtight container and they are so handy to grab and go in the mornings, or anytime of the day! Great idea for healthier lunch boxes for school too.


120g Roast Chicken, shredded

30g Chorizo

30g Feta

1  Egg

3 Egg Whites

Handful of Spinach, chopped

Black Pepper to taste


Whisk the egg and the egg whites and season with some ground black pepper.

In a muffin tray divide the egg mixture, this recipe makes 6.

Add some chorizo, feta, chicken and spinach to each of the 6 muffins and place in a pre heated oven, 200 c and bake for 15 – 20 mins.

If you are using ingredients like bacon, mushrooms or peppers, you will need to fry them off before adding to the egg mixture!

Nutritional Information

Each muffin is equal to 93 calories, carbs 0.7g, fat 5g, protein 10.5g.  If you are using different ingredients this will change the macros.  These are based around my macros so I need high fat, high protein today!



Much love,

Jen xxx.